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The first story I ever wrote was when I was in the 3rd grade. It was unfinished, but I felt ambitious with it and used a dictionary extensively to overdo my simple vocabulary. I would later go into 4th and 5th grade writing stories for class that were often silly and reflected my imagination at the time such as the "French Fry Bandit". In 6th grade, I finally got a Wattpad account and wrote one of my most passionate stories which followed me and my friends being stranded on an island. While the story was pretty bad, I accomplished something and I was proud of it. I worked on many stories since then, most of which have been unfinished and lost with time. Also, Wattpad has changed a lot since then, so instead of relying on a big and bloated corporate website for parts of my own history, I have retrieved my works and taken my account down. Even back then Wattpad was essentially a website for romantic fanfiction, not anything that I enjoyed writing. Take a look at the bookshelf below which holds my works from the past and future ones as well. They are all CC-BY-SA 4.0 licensed.


The Bookshelf

Minority Isle
Written when I was 12, Minority Isle is my Eye of Argon.

Supernatural Superjustice
Writing for this superhero novel started when I was 12 nearing the release of Minority Isle, but it was never finished.